Every day I have the honor and privilege to coach hundreds of aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs all around the world.

The way I think, my ideas, and relationships produce real results. Forget about reading a long boring bio! Let’s get straight to my key accomplishments…

  • Generated Her First Million Dollars at 27-Years-Old, Her First Year in Business

  • One of The Most In-Demand Brand strategist, Mindset Coach & Trainers in The World.

  • Became the Highest-Paid, African American Real Estate Broker on Wall Street in New York City During One of The Worst Economic Times in History.

  • The Only African American Woman Inventor in the Business Board Gaming Industry.

  • Published over 50 books and courses. Sold over 100,000 books with no distribution.

  • Sold Over $10,000,000 From the Stage Selling Books, Products & Services.

  • Delivered Over 1,500 Keynotes and Trainings for Entrepreneurs Worldwide.

  • Operates Her Own Businesses While Simultaneously Training Over 200+ Entrepreneurs Every Year.

  • Publisher of Women Doing It Big magazine on newsstands, Barnes & Nobles and Books-A-Million Nationwide.

If you take the MILLION DOLLAR BRAND course

I will teach you how to identify new revenue streams, build on your existing businesses, attach celebrities to your brand, launch a product line, write several books, and expose YOU to new opportunities. I help entrepreneurs turn their dreams into a reality by working with them to declutter their ideas, monetize their gifts, build on their passions, and win.

If you take the MILLION DOLLAR MINDSET course

I will teach you strategies to create the life you want because society teaches us to think and be average. But it’s time to walk away from mediocrity. The change begins in your mind. Let your frustrations and financial challenges stir you to change. Stop making excuses and start making plans. Act on those plans and move forward using the techniques from this course.

Meet Tiana

Chief Creative Officer

Tiana Von Johnson

Tiana is a multi-business entrepreneur, and a highly sought-after business and branding coach who at 27-years-old quit her 9-to-5 job, tried her hand at entrepreneurship and generated one million dollars her first year in business. She became the highest-paid, African-American real estate broker on Wall Street in New York City during one of the worst economic times in history--she still holds that title today. Her story has been featured on Black Enterprise amongst other media outlets and she had her very own show, Powerhouse, on NBC Universal. Using the skills she developed in Corporate America, her time on Wall Street, good judgment, and sound intuition, Tiana mastered the art of entrepreneurship and now owns and operates 7 businesses while coaching and training thousands of business owners around the world. Using her extraordinary gifts, she has developed a significant following among entrepreneurs who seek her wisdom, advice, and coaching.